Stump Grinding Questions

Stump grinding cost depends on three things

– The diameter of the stump.
– The height of the stump.
– How many stumps there are.

For more information see our pricing page or give me a call for a free estimate.

Stumps will be removed down to 200mm below ground level as standard but we can go deeper.

No limit if it is cut low enough and we have sufficient access. Our machine can grind up to about 1.5m using a ramp.
Yes, raised gardens are not a problem. Our machine can access up to about a 1.5m height using a ramp.
Yes, we only need 900mm to fit our stump grinder through a gate or walkway.
About 10mm to 20mm, sometimes closer.
No, we just need access to the stump(s) and a way to contact you with any questions, authorization and approval to do the job.
Many times it will be same day or next day service. When we come out for estimates, we bring our equipment and are ready to start once we have your approval.
All our machines have rubber tyres and will not ruin your lawn. Some competitors have track machines which can damage lawns when they reposition.
We can take cash, cheque or internet banking can be used.
Yes, you can use the woodchips as mulch to put around your trees or flower beds.
The hole can be filled with topsoil and planted or grassed over. Most times top soil filling is not included in the service as it is cheaper for the home owner to do themselves.
We can bring a chainsaw and can make an additional cut before grinding the stump if requested.
Stump grinding only goes to 200mm deep and services are normally below that depth.

It is your responsibility to check for services, we aren’t responsible for damage to hidden pipes or cables. You can check services by contacting And we recommend you do so if you are in doubt.

Most services come from the road to your property. Look for your water meter, telephone post, gas warning signs and power cable warning signs to give an idea about where the services are.

We Look Forward To Helping You.

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